Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day

Victoria Moran

HarperOne,  April 2009

Bestselling author Victoria Moran's Living a Charmed Life presents fifty action-inspiring essays that show us how to custom craft our very own blessed lives. Covering topics such as living richly, staying close to what makes you come alive, and being completely, utterly yourself, Moran emphasizes that this kind of happiness is possible for anyone of any age in any circumstance.

Living a charmed life is your birthright, one that you can start to claim as soon as you take to heart -- and put into action -- the practical and spiritual tips you'll find here. These lucky charms, honed from Victoria's own life experiences, will elevate your attitude, change the way you see yourself, and help you to improve every aspect of your life including your health, relationships, finances, and peace of mind -- even in challenging times.

In this fresh, inspiring book, Victoria Moran gives you the tools and techniques you need to start living your own charmed life now.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780061649899 | Publication Date: April 2009

"America's out of work. Our financial portfolios have tanked. Victoria's new book couldn't have come at a better time. Learn fifty ways to relieve your stress and create your own everyday joy!"
--Charla Krupp, author of How Not to Look Old

"Living a Charmed Life is real, inspiring, uplifting, and guaranteed to lift your spirits and inspire your life -- no matter what is going on!"
--Christiane Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"Victoria Moran's words of wisdom, inspiration, and magic are a soothing balm for anyone who is sad, dissatisfied, or simply in need of upliftment."
--Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

"Clearly it is up to us to leave the cave of ignorance and acquire the life skills to live a life that pleases us and others. Victoria Moran urges us to celebrate our lives completely in her book Living a Charmed Life."
--Alexandra Stoddard, author of Things Good Mothers Know: A Celebration