Mademoiselle Victorine: A Novel

Debra Finerman

Three Rivers Press,  July 2007

Love and Art Create Lasting Impressions

When Victorine Laurent joins the chorus of the grand Paris Opera ballet, she expects to become the mistress of a wealthy man; this is how young women without family survive in the decadent City of Light. Yet when the artist Degas introduces her to Edouard Manet, her life changes dramatically. She agrees to pose for him, and the result is a painting that shocks Paris. Overnight, Victorine becomes the city's most sought after courtesan.

When she becomes the favorite of the Duke de Lyon, the power behind the shaky government of Emperor Louis-Napoléon, her continued attraction to Manet becomes dangerous to them both. And when an astonishing secret from Victorian's past comes to light, her carefully constructed world may come crashing down around her.

| ISBN: 9780307352835 | Publication Date: July 2007

"Engaging and engrossing, a magnificent escape into the world of exquisite paintings, political intrigue, and grand passion."
--Tasha Alexander, author of A Poisoned Season

"Plunges the reader into the volatile mix of art and political intrigue in 1860s Paris."
--Pamela Aidan, author of An Assembly Such as This

"As vivid, bold, and seductive and a Manet painting."
--Eleanor Herman, author of Sex with Kings 500 Years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge

"Rich with drama."
--Susanne Dunlap, author of Emilie's Voice