Spinning Dixie: A Novel

Eric Dezenhall

Thomas Dunne Books,  January 2007

When a gorgeous woman appears at the gates of the White House bearing a mysterious letter, disgraced presidential press secretary and professional spinmeister Jonah Eastman knows that his past has finally caught up with him. Raised by a Jewish mobster in Atlantic City, Jonah was only seventeen when he met Claudine Polk, an unabashed Southern belle, and placed her on an unshakable pedestal for one glorious summer of reckless youth and first love. 

Now Claudine desperately needs Jonah's help to save Rattle & Snap, her family's plantation in Tennessee, from the hands of her crooked soon-to-be-ex-husband. Jonah must use all his connections, from shady undercover agents to the president himself, to engage in Operation Dixie Knish and save his Southern belle's ancestral home. 

A perfect mix of The West Wing, The Godfather, and Gone with the Wind, Spinning Dixie is an epic novel full of adventure, romance, and unforgettable characters that will have readers laughing out loud.

hardcover | ISBN: 9780312340636 | Publication Date: January 2007

"From the mafia kingpins of South Jersey to the belles of the Deep South, Spinning Dixie is rich in greedy, creepy, sexy characters, and a wisecracking narrator who tosses around one-liners faster than a roulette wheel. Eric Dezenhall is an accomplished raconteur who can spin a satirical, dizzying tale of intrigue. Take a chance on Spinning Dixie. Odds are you'll love it." 
--Mindy Friddle, author of Garden Angel

"[Dezenhall's] superb eye and ear at times call to mind such masters of the journalistic novel as Tom Wolfe."
--Time magazine on Turnpike Flameout

"[Dezenhall] keeps getting better with every novel."
--Booklist on Turnpike Flameout

"Dezenhall is the most mordantly funny writer not named Westlake."
--Kirkus Reviews (starred review) on Turnpike Flameout

"A funny and fast-moving novel."
--Dallas Morning News on Turnpike Flameout

"An entertaining ride."
--The Philadelphia Inquirer on Turnpike Flameout

"Spinning Dixie sparkles with wit and insight." 
--Kinky Friedman, author of Cowboy Logic