Jane May

Kensington,  September 2007

In Jane May's delightfully witty and original take on a classic Grimms' fairytale, a sailor with a dream gets help from a very fishy source . . .

The moment Clarence "Woody" Woods, assistant dock master at Miami's exclusive Trade Winds Yacht Club, sets eyes on waitress Madalina Dragoi, he falls head over heels in love. As bad luck would have it, Madalina is smitten too -- with Todd Hollingshead, a wealthy, suave club regular.

Woody has no problem handling the sleek, multi-million dollar sailing vessels that dock at Trade Winds, but when it comes to winning a woman like Madalina, he could use a little help. Who knew it would arrive in the form of the enchanted fish he catches one afternoon? Before Woody can write off the talking tuna as a sun-induced hallucination, this unlikely benefactor is granting Woody's every wish, allowing him to sweep Madalilne off her feet and into the sunset.

At least that's how things were supposed to work out. Now, as Woody is about to discover, fairy tales aren't what they used to be -- and fate has a way of writing its own version of happily-ever-after . . .

paperback | ISBN: 9780758213624 | Publication Date: September 2007

"A must-read -- hilarious and refreshingly original. You'll howl."
--Greg Oehler, Publisher of New York Dog and Hollywood Dog magazines

"Sit back and enjoy seeing things from a dog's perspective."
--Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible