My Reality Check Bounced!: The Twentysomething's Guide to Cashing In on Your Real-World Dreams

Jason Ryan Dorsey

Broadway,  January 2007

It's time to cash your reality check and re-create your life on your own terms.

In your twenties you expect to finally live your life on your own terms. But it can seem like the world won't cooperate. Roommates drive you crazy (but you can't afford to lose them), entry-level jobs frustrate you ("Four hundred double-sided copies before lunch"), and even a dream job can take over your nights and weekends, leaving you feeling like you're running hard but going nowhere. 

Jason Ryan Dorsey helps you turn this coming-of-age crisis into opportunity. He shows you the big secret of the real world -- that you don't realize how much control you have over your life until you use it. In My Reality Check Bounced! Jason shows you how to: 

  • Find the courage to climb out of your real-world rut
  • Create a Future Picture that gets you off your "buts"
  • Uncover opportunity and build a tag team to make the most of it
  • Live like you mean it, and finally cash your reality check

paperback | ISBN: 9780767921831 | Publication Date: January 2007

"My Reality Check Bounced! reveals exactly how to break free of your real-world rut to find your authentic, meaningful path. This book should be required reading for all twentysomethings!"
--Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles

"What do you do when your plans don't pan out? Stop overplanning, be willing to respond quickly to the opportunities that emerge, and get a copy of My Reality Check Bounced! Jason Dorsey's heart shines through, as well as his dedication to helping his generation make the best of what they've got." 
--Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do with My Life?

"Jason Dorsey offers irresistible inspiration for quarterlifers in crisis. His contagious enthusiasm will get you moving in the right direction."
--Abby Miller, coauthor of Quarterlife Crisis 

"Attention, twentysomethings! Jason Dorsey compellingly motivates proactive thought and action with very realistic, practical, illustrated strategies! An excellent contribution."
--Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"I've known Jason for six years, and in all six years I've seen him help people our age make life-changing decisions for the better. He is a real inspiration for our generation." 
--Kenan Thompson, actor and comedian, Saturday Night Live, Kenan & Kel

"Here's a reality check:  Jason Dorsey rocks and this book rocks. It's well-written, right on point, and will both shake your roots and strengthen them. The real reality is if you buy this book it will help you find yours."
--Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling and The Little Black Book of Connections

"My Reality Check Bounced! energizes and enlightens a generation who aspire to be the future leaders of America."
--Stedman Graham

"A must-read for twentysomethings who want greater meaning and success in their real-world journey. Jason's practical strategies and inspiring stories will fuel your passion to create a life you love."
--Paul Orfalea, founder of Kinko's and author of Copy This!

"This book makes it easy for a reader to do a self-assessment of his life, and brings clarity to the possible solutions. It makes one feel courageous, which is what we all need to make changes and move forward -- or sideways, if that happens to be the right path." 
--Donna Conover, executive vice president, customer operations, Southwest Airlines

"Outstanding, highly specific, usable advice for anyone seeking to advance their career so they can realize their dreams."
--Gary Hoover, serial entrepreneur, founder of Hoover's, Inc.

"I have known Jason since he was a nineteen-year-old with big dreams. He never gave up on those dreams no matter how tough the going. Now he lives his dream everyday. The message in this book will help you do the same."
--Admiral Bob Inman, former director, National Security Agency, and deputy director, CIA

"Jason Dorsey has beautifully and powerfully captured the essence of the questions that have always been of concern to young adults but seldom addressed in as clear and compelling fashion. Regardless of our age, we make choices each day that have long-lasting effects on our success and fulfillment. My Reality Check Bounced! will help readers make wise choices about their futures." 
--Robert Goodwin, president and CEO, Points of Light Foundation 

"My Reality Check Bounced! is a real gem of insight and practicality. This book will be a valued asset to any twentysomething who wants more out of life."
--Dr. Pat Schwallie-Giddis, director of graduate programs in counseling and human studies, George Washington University

"Jason's book is filled with honest stories about young adults who have searched deep inside to find the happiness they were missing. The practical exercises and timely actions can help anyone create the future they desire."
--Bob Carlquist, former executive vice president and general manager, Houston Chronicle

"If communities tap into the ideas in this book, they will be much better prepared to unleash the talent of their young professionals."
--Angelos Angelou, principle, Angelou Economics

"My Reality Check Bounced! delivers concrete action steps and real-world examples that any recent graduate can use immediately to live with more passion and purpose."
--Cal Newport, author of How to Become a Straight-A Student and How to Win at College

"Jason hits the bulls-eye in revealing the fears and hopes twentysomethings wake up to each morning. As a peer who "walks his talk," he skillfully cuts through the standard real-world excuses to help twentysomethings figure out who they are and how far they can go. Jason's credible message will inspire you whether you're in your first real job or ten years into your career."
--Mike Sheridan, former executive director, Texas Workforce Commission