Slow Down, Sell Faster: Understand Your Customer's Buying Process and Maximize Your Sales

Kevin Davis

Amacom,  January 2011

Faster Sales pitches won't lead to faster sales. The key to speeding up the sales process is to actually slow down and get in sync with your customer's buying process.

Customers don't care about your selling process. They're moving through their own buying process, a set of predictable steps that doesn't match how most salespeople sell. With the highly effective techniques in Slow Down, Sell Faster!, you'll learn how to help your customers through each step of their buying process faster, and with the odds shifted in your favor.

Sales guru Kevin Davis has taught thousands of salespeople at veritable "who's who" of Fortune 500 companies. His eight-step method unleashes the power of slowing down sales conversation, asking more questions, identifying needs, and supplying solutions - - in the right sequence, with the right approaches.  It's an especially effective formula for high- stakes sales involving multiple decision-makers that delivers big rewards. You'll learn how to:

  • match your sales behaviors to your customers' needs at every step of the buying process
  • get more appointments - - especially at the C level - - by using a problem-focused approach
  • combat your most lethal competitor: customer complacency
  • use probing questions to diagnose small problems that can point to bigger needs
  • master the complicated politics of complex sales
  • overcome common selling dilemmas, such as customers who go silent at the eleventh hour
  • and more
You already know how to sell. It's time to learn how people buy - - to slow down so you can sell faster!

| ISBN: 9780814416853 | Publication Date: January 2011

"This is a great book, a breakthrough in modern selling! Kevin shows you how to make more sales, easier, and with greater certainty than ever before."
- Brian Tracy, author, The Psychology of Selling

"The Chally Group Worldwide has interviewed over 80,000 business-to-business customers and found they are most loyal to salespeople who understand their buying needs and buying processes. Slow Down, Sell Faster! shows you how to become one of those salespeople - a world class sales professional."
- Howard Stevens, Chairman and CEO, The Chally Group, Worldwide

"As the provider of choice for our customers' business technology needs it is imperative that we have a sales process focused on the customer buying cycle.  Years ago, we selected Kevin Davis' sales model. We've used the flexibility of the program to train the majority of our sales force on this powerful consultative selling methodology.  We've measured outstanding results."
- Dan Cooper, Executive VP, Field Operations, Xerox, Global Imaging Systems

"Salespeople involved in today's high value, complex sale will find that Kevin Davis' book provides exactly what they need to know to close the deal. This book provides solid, practical advice that professional salespeople can immediately use and apply."
- Stephen J. Bistritz, Ed.D., President and Founder,; Co-author, Selling to the C-Suite             

"The need to be more buyer-focused is clear to most all Chief Sales Officers; how to do it is not. In Slow Down, Sell Faster! Kevin Davis offers a concise roadmap for how to stop paying lip service to this concept and make it a reality for sales reps and their managers."
- Jim Dickie, Managing Partner, CSO Insights