It's Just Good Business: The Emergence of Conscious Capitalism & The Practice of Working For Good

Jeff Klein

Working for Good Publications,  October 2012

It's Just Good Business provides a clear, concise and compelling introduction to the emerging Conscious Capitalism movement and to the practice of Working for Good. It's Just Good Business is an inspiring and informative "quick read" filled with quotes, stories and pathways to action.

Paperback | ISBN: 9780986022807 | Publication Date: October 2012


"I think the book is absolutely terrific! It is brief with minimal text and lots of graphics and quotes - an easy read on a relatively deep topic. I love the descriptions of companies that exemplify Conscious Capitalism!! And, I absolutely love the call to action sections in the latter part of the book!"
-- Scott McIntosh, MAC6, Angel Entrepreneur

"Wow, super wow! This book is going to put a booster flame on the rocketing movement of "working for good". You are helping people awaken their inner voice that tells them work for, invest in, buy from and become themselves entrepreneurs doing good."
-- Howard J. Leonhardt, CEO Leonhardt Ventures, Champion Startup California and Chairman of The California Stock Exchange