High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant

Scott Wintrip

McGraw-Hill,  April 2017

Win the war for talent by building an army of ready-to-deploy candidates

An employee leaves and you post the open position. Resumes trickle in. You interview a few candidates. No one fits the bill. The next thing you know, three months have passed and that desk is still empty . . .

Nothing drives business success like a staff of talented, productive employees. So why accept a hiring process that fails you time and time again?

Well, there’s one person who doesn’t: Scott Wintrip. And in High-Velocity Hiring, he provides the tools and systems for creating a hiring process designed for today’s fast-paced, talent-deficient landscape. Using the proven methods Wintrip has applied at some of today’s more forward-thinking companies, you’ll hire top employees faster―and smarter.  

High-Velocity Hiring replaces the old, worn-out way of hiring with the simple but revolutionary approach of actively cultivating top talent before positions open. The old way is slow and inefficient. Wintrip’s way is dynamic and proven-effective. You’ll enrich and maintain a flow of high-quality candidates, harness this flow by identifying the most talented people, and channel it into a pool of ready-to-hire prospective employees.

More than ever, hiring the best people requires foresight, planning, alertness, and decisive action. With High-Velocity Hiring, you have everything you need to seize the high-ground in the war for talent and maintain it for long-term growth and profitability.

Hardcover | ISBN: 9781259859472 | Publication Date: April 2017


"Your company's future depends on hiring the right talent. Scott Wintrip's new book is an invaluable resource to help you land top performers - even in crowded and competitive markets. High Velocity Hiring can become your company's secret weapon."
Dorie Clark, author of Reinventing You and Stand Out, and adjunct professor at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business

“Scott Wintrip’s book is exactly on point for today’s economy, especially in a tight labor market that is only going to get tighter. Chapter 2 on the Talent Accelerator Process and Chapter 11 on Durable Diversity are two items every organization needs to be paying attention to as these are especially critical issues. Labor issues could easily determine your success and growth in the years to come.“
Dr. Alan Beaulieu, Principal and Senior Economist, ITR Economics

"There’s a big difference between speed and haste. Rather than make hasty hiring decisions, at IBM we have baked speed into our process for talent acquisition. That’s why High Velocity Hiring is so important. Fast and accurate hiring is never an accident. It happens because leaders plan for it, implement a process to achieve it, and hold staff accountable to following the plan."
Obed Louissaint, Vice President of People and Culture for IBM Watson

“Talent is what differentiates organizations, and the best talent will always be the hallmark of the best organizations. Quickly finding and retaining talent is a must, and High Velocity Hiring offers proven and surprisingly potent ways to radically shrink time-to-fill so you can find and keep the right talent for your organization.” 
Amy Dufrane, CEO, HR Certification Institute
"Scott Wintrip's innovative text, High Velocity Hiring, is an essential read (and frequent reference) for any organization striving to be best-in-class.”
Neil Goldenberg, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Director of Research, Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital

“Successful leadership hinges upon surrounding yourself with talented people. You can't afford to wade through a long, drawn-out hiring process, nor can you risk making a bad hire. High Velocity Hiring shows you how to engage in fast and accurate hiring.”
Lisa Earle McLeod, author of Leading with Noble Purpose and Selling with Noble Purpose

High Velocity Hiring helps you look past the obvious, and often unseen, problems in your hiring process and focuses on the solutions that will work for your business. Scott Wintrip shapes a new way of managing the hiring process – a better, faster way – by identifying the barriers to fast, effective hiring and outlining specific ways to overcome them. The outcome for your organization will be a hiring process your hiring managers and your candidates can trust. I especially like the ‘7 Principles of an on demand system’ and how that awareness will help you prepare today for what you need tomorrow. That is, after all, the expectation of leaders everywhere. No one has a more clear view of how to improve your talent acquisition needs than Scott Wintrip.”
Amy Ruth, Senior Vice President, Human Services Group and Chief Human Resources Officer, Florida Blue
High Velocity Hiring is a magnificent reminder of the power of hiring only the best talent. It illuminates wonderfully the principles of technique, process, and inventory-building to help you make successful hires.”
Angeles Valenciano, Chief Executive Officer, National Diversity Council

"Understanding Hiring Styles, a key feature of High Velocity Hiring, is a game-changer when it comes to identifying top talent. Having worked with thousands of hiring managers across the country, I have been amazed when really smart leaders couldn’t see or hear what I do. Over time I’ve realized that it’s simply practice and a structured approach that helps avoid mismatches, and the fact we do this all day long has helped! Anyone who is unaware of Hiring Blindness and how their Hiring Style affects this issue will continue to make the same hiring mistakes."
Sharon Strauss, Vice President of Client Services at Vitamin T

“We live in a new economy, what I call the Membership Economy. More than ever, buyers want to feel as though they are a part of something meaningful, while receiving great value for their investment. Turning ordinary customers into members for life requires companies to hire good people who do great work. High Velocity Hiring ensures companies always have enough talented people to get the job done. I’m already recommending Scott’s book to my clients.”
Robbie Kellman Baxter, author of The Membership Economy: Find Your SuperusersMaster the Forever Transaction & Build Recurring Revenue

“Change is hard, and innovation doesn’t always come easy. This seems especially true in hiring, as the leaders I work with tell me it seems harder than ever to find and retain good employees. Scott Wintrip’s process in High Velocity Hiring is revolutionary. He clearly understands how empty seats undermine organizational effectiveness and has a proven process that eliminates this issue forever.”
Seth Kahan, author of Getting Innovation Right and Getting Change Right

"Never before has a book made fast and accurate hiring so simple. High Velocity Hiring will permanently change how organizations find and select talented people worldwide."
Mark Levy, author of Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best IdeasInsight, and Content

“Scott combines his passion for people with his well-earned hiring expertise to create a brilliant approach to make hiring simply effective.”
Jay Perry, author Take Charge of Your Talent

“Scott Wintrip reaffirms his fifth consecutive place on the Staffing 100 Most Influential People in the Staffing and Recruiting industry with High Velocity Hiring: How to Hire Top Talent in an Instant. Addressing why traditional hiring and is broken, and how to solve the problem through engaging a new, innovative approach, Scott changes how the world hires - illustrating how to quickly fill open positions and keep them filled with quality employees.” 
Tammi Heaton, Chief Operating Officer, PRIDESTAFF

"In High Velocity Hiring, Scott solves the most significant problem faced by all types of organizations across the globe―having the talent we need when we need it. Who better to have written this book than the guy who’s driving the most important innovation in hiring?"
Pam O’Connor, Consultant and Former Executive Vice President of HR, Catholic Relief Services

“Scott Wintrip decoded the process to eliminate the productivity drain of vacant positions. Every leader who has positions to fill will benefit greatly by focusing on the essentials of this process and learning to distinguish speed from haste.”
Scott K. Edinger, author of The Hidden Leader

"In his book High Velocity Hiring Scott Wintrip has identified the most crucial considerations for executives seeking to identify and attract the right talent, quickly and cost effectively. At a time when finding and obtaining talent comes at a premium, Scott has unlocked secrets that every organization needs to apply in order to grow and thrive in today’s new economy.”
Shawn Casemore, Consultant, Speaker and Author of Operational Empowerment: CollaborateInnovate and Engage to Beat the Competition

“I’ve always been baffled by long time-to-fill. Keeping a job open never makes sense, especially in our competitive world of business. Quality employees fuel growth and propel profitability. That’s why High Velocity Hiring is so important. Every executive should read this book, and make it required reading of all managers throughout their company.”
L. Allen Baker, President and CEO, BG Staffing

“Scott articulates brilliantly in print what I have experienced from him so often in person; the clarity of a hugely significant problem statement addressed by a crystal-clear approach to resolving it. He backs his opinion and advice with well researched, recognizable case studies that are easy to relate, and then provides a systematic approach along with the encouragement and enthusiasm to help you succeed where others have failed. The only thing then between success and mediocracy is the leadership and mindset driving the change.”
Mark Braund, CEO, RedstoneConnect Plc.

"If I could make one change in all of the client organizations I work with, it would be the way they hire. I’ve seen the impact of long-empty roles and hires that don’t work, and it can be devastating. Scott Wintrip offers a truly insightful approach to transforming hiring, starting most importantly from the mindset and building a process that ensures speed without haste. He combines his personal experience with data and lessons learned to offer the first really different view on the most important thing organizations do.”
Karen Wright, author of The Complete Executive: The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance

“In the dozen-plus years that I’ve known him, Scott Wintrip has consistently proved to be an expansive and innovative thought leader in his approach to recruiting, staffing, and hiring. His new book, High Velocity Hiring, reveals his groundbreaking process that allows business leaders to quickly hire top talent. I’ve been privileged to use Scott’s counsel with great success; I’m eager to employ more of his insights to take hiring at my company to a whole new level.”
Paula Roy, Vice President, Human Resources, Alex Apparel Group, New York, NY
 "Research-driven and pragmatic. Scott Wintrip boils down 30 years of hard-earned lessons on hiring into an interesting and digestible process for business owners, HR leaders and recruiting professionals alike. He’s taken the often reactive and suboptimal way most of us hire and turned it into a proactive, repeatable process critical for all growing businesses. As a result, the new world of talent engagement just got a playbook.”
Eric Gregg, Founder & CEO, Inavero

“With the pace of today’s workplace only getting faster, HR and recruiters need to keep up. Using the ‘tried and true’ approach will only keep you lagging behind. A shift is needed and Scott Wintrip’s High Velocity Hiring approach does just that. This new way of thinking is relevant, needed, and applicable. Make the shift into high gear!”
Steve Browne, SHRM-SCP, Executive Director of HR, LaRosa’s, Inc.

“Being an entrepreneur and the founder of my company, one of the key challenges I face is attracting the best talent to propel my organization into the future. I’ve been following Scott Wintrip's wisdom for many years and when it comes to the most unique, innovative and breakthrough ideas, Scott is the most insightful thought leader and the leading authority in this field. Attracting and building an extraordinary team becomes your competitive advantage, your secret weapon, and your way of creating and controlling your future. High Velocity Hiring is the absolute blueprint on developing the proper mindset and what you need to do in order to create your dream team!”
Chad Barr, President of The Chad Barr Group, Co-author of Million Dollar Web Presence