DIY Cocktails: A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Signature Drinks

Marcia Simmons and Jonas Halpern

Adams Media,  April 2011

Black Rose, Blood Orange Tequila and Soda, Kentucky Apple Sour: the newest trend in cocktails is creating your own! Now, the editors of have concocted the only guide that teaches you to create your own infallible thirst-quenchers. Using a simple system of basic ratios, you will learn to:

  • Mix new flavor combinations for the perfect new blend using the Flavor Profile Chart as a guide
  • Master advanced mixology techniques from infusing liquors at home to creating custom-flavored syrups
  • Serve the perfect drink every time, whether it kicks off a rowdy party or winds down a romantic evening!

With only ten ratios to master, you'll shake, stir, roll, and build literally thousands of unique and exceptional cocktails. All you need is a good thirst, an active imagination -- and DIY Cocktails!

Paperback | ISBN: 9781440507502 | Publication Date: April 2011

"This book gives the home bartender all the tools necessary to create amazing cocktails."
Mitchell Rosenthal, Chef/Owner, Town Hall, Salt House and Anchor And Hope, San Francisco

"A quite clever, simplified DIY book for making cocktail recipes, with excellent information and variations for same, no less flavor charts, easy reference boxes for recipes, fine photography, and gag reels. Buy it, look it up; it's well worth the price."
Brian Rea, Legendary bartender, Author, and former Bar Manager, 21 Club, NYC

"This book makes creating and mixing top-notch cocktails a snap."
Daniel Yaffe, Publisher, Drink Me Magazine