The Elvis Encyclopedia

Adam Victor

Overlook Press,  October 2008

210 full-color photographs
210 black & white photographs

More than thirty years after his death, Elvis Presley remains indelibly etched into the American psyche.  As the Elvis of myth -- an embodiment of the American Dream in the flesh -- has become synonymous with Elvis the man, the subject of countless books, articles and songs, it has become increasingly hard to discern who Elvis really was.  By combining obsessive research with absorbing writing, Adam Victor, author of the bestselling The Marilyn Encyclopedia, sifts through the competing versions of events throughout Elvis's life and traces a young man's path to immortality.  The Elvis Encyclopedia, the product of over six years of research, was created to help bring order to the massive amount of material written about Elvis Presley.  In doing so, it stands as the most comprehensive book about his extraordinary life and legacy ever published.

The Elvis Encyclopedia is also a visual compendium of Elvis's life, offering hundreds of photographs, ranging from never-before seen unposed moments to the extraordinary iconic images the world has come to love.

With this definitive one-stop resource, fans and scholars finally have easy access to all of the information on Elvis's life and times, testing what is real against legend.  The facts are represented in full -- a childhood mired in poverty; his unstoppable rise to the top with over 150 gold, platinum, or multi-platinum albums; 31 feature films, and 14 Grammy awards; his marriage to Priscilla; his early death.  Entries cover every significant aspect of Elvis and his world from family members, lovers, benefactors, mentors, agents, directors, co-stars, and coaches.

The Elvis Encyclopedia
surpasses everything that has come before it.  It is a true testament to the legend that is Elvis Presley.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781585675982 | Publication Date: October 2008

“This obsessively detailed and completely entertaining chronicle by Victor of every possible aspect of Elvis Presley’s life is mesmerizing and deserves a wide audience. Elvis fans will delight in the many famous and rare photos illustrating entries on the King’s every song, album and movie as well as his complete last will and testament. But nonfans will marvel at such meticulously researched entries as “Religion” (a vision of “Stalin and Jesus in a high bank of cloud” made Elvis consider “joining a monastery”), as well as a comprehensive state-by-state list of Hotels Where Elvis Stayed.”
Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“Everything Elvis! From facts on Jean and Julian Aberbach, the Austrian-born brothers whose music publishing company represented Elvis Presley for 22 years, to David Zenoff, the Nevada Supreme Court judge who presided over his marriage to Priscilla in Las Vegas, the Elvis Encyclopedia covers the King from A-Z. Author Adam Victor spent six years sifting through nearly everything ever written or filmed about Elvis to compile the coffee-table book. In addition to 500 color and black-and-white photographs, it also includes several never-before-seen images of the Memphis man who became an American music icon.”
Southern Living

“The King lives on (and on) in The Elvis Encyclopedia by Adam Victor, perhaps the most comprehensive Elvis tome ever. With lavish color photos and information organized into a reader friendly format, this book covers the hip-shakin’ rocker from A to Z.”
Los Angeles Confidential

"Six years in the making, Adam Victor's Elvis Encyclopedia is just what its title proclaims - a sprawling, 600-page distillation of everything that might conceivably be said and thought about the King, with 500 photographs, many never before published, and extended notes on every song Elvis recorded. . . Improbably rich, admirably thorough, Victor's compendium lends weight to the thought that the Elvis phenomenon reached nearly every corner of the world."
Kirkus Reviews

“Adam Victor has followed his compendium of all known facts about Marilyn Monroe with this remarkably handsome volume on another modern icon - the greatest rock artiste of our time, and (arguably) the most influential singer of any time. If you want to know about Elvis and guns and telephones, how many paternity suits were filed against him, what books he read and even what breed of dog he gave his last-but-one girlfriend, this book is for you. As a visual compendium of Elvis and his times the work is outstanding, and students of rock'n'roll history have a valuable resource of quotes, pictures and facts - for every detail of every single record is here, as well as the names of musicians he worked with, those singers he influenced and the credits for all his movies, down to “Colonel Tom Parker - technical adviser”. (The old rogue looked after himself more than he looked after the genius he managed.) Victor notes that his encyclopedia is “longer than the Old Testament”; certainly to fundamentalist Elvis nerds it will be as valuable as the Bible."
The Times (UK)