Recruit or Die: How Any Business Can Beat the Big Guys in the War for Young Talent

Chris Resto, Ian Ybarra, and Ramit Sethi

Portfolio Hardcover,  August 2007

The recruiting game has changed. It now takes more than simply attending a campus career fair, hosting an information session, and posting job descriptions to draw the best young talent to work for your organization. Companies often make simple mistakes that cost them recruits. They schedule information sessions on exam night. They are unclear about their most attractive features and often highlight the wrong ones.

Recruit or Die provides a powerful, inside look at the entry-level college recruiting game. You don't have to be the biggest and most well-known company to scoop up the best and the brightest on campus. Small, young, or even nonprofit companies can also get top graduates -- without a Wall Street budget -- if they learn the secrets of America's top recruiters.

Based on surveys and interviews of more than one thousand students. Recruit of Die provides dozens of anecdotes and case studies to show how successful recruiters work their magic and how unsuccessful recruiters blow it. You'll learn key strategies that will help you:

  • Lure the most talented recruits when they're only freshmen or sophomores with creative seminars and internships . . . Build your brand early so you're not overlooked later.
  • Pitch your entry-level positions as the first step toward a glittering résumé or a leg up before grad school . . . Avoid sounding like a dead-end company.
  • Stay in touch with new recruits during the crucial "long honeymoon" when communication is more important than ever . . . Create a community of first-year employees.
Straight from the front lines of elite recruiting, Recruit or Die shows how any company can conquer the campus.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781591841616 | Publication Date: August 2007


"Recruiting exceptionally talented and accomplished college candidates has never been more competitive or more important. Recruit or Die provides proven, practical solutions that will help any company, including Microsoft, compete with the strongest college recruiting organizations."
--Kerry Olin, senior director for college recruiting, Microsoft

"Recruit or Die should be a college recruiter's bible! Everyone on the IBM team will get a copy!"
--Eletta Kershaw, IBM University recruiting and relations

"If you want a great organization, you need to hire amazing people. These days, if you want amazing people, you need to earn them. This book shows you how. I can't imagine hiring on campus without a copy."
--Seth Godin, bestselling author, The Dip

"Great recruiting takes great relationships. Recruit or Die is chock-full of ways to build trust on campus and recruit the best."
--Keith Ferrazzi, bestselling author, Never Eat Alone

"Recruit or Die is a thorough and complete guide to successful recruiting for companies large and small. Recruiting is an ongoing process that does not stop once the candidate arrives for their first day of work, and this book drives home that important point."
--Aaron G. Flores, Ph.D., director, Cordis Cardiology, a Johnson & Johnson Company

"If your company believes in recruiting and growing young talent, this book will provide you with insights on how to do just that."
--Rajesh Setty, serial entrepreneur, investor, and author, Beyond Code