The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance

Edwene Gaines

Rodale,  September 2005

Years before she became the celebrated speaker and Unity minister she is today, Edwene Gaines was raising her daughter in abject poverty. Overwhelmed and terrified, she turned toward her faith for reassurance, sustenance, and finally for direction. What seemed impossible at the time, she did anyway -- she began to follow the four spiritual laws of prosperity: tithing, goal-setting, forgiveness, and finding her divine purpose. Gaines guarantees that following these principles will change your life, and that you can turn a life of deprivation and want into one of abundance and freedom.

With barely a dollar to her name and a young daughter to feed, Edwene Gaines began to do what most people with a steady income would fear: she tithed. She gave 10 percent of every single cent that came to her, and what she experienced as a result wasn't miraculous -- at least in her eyes, for she knew that the fact of her income doubling, then tripling, in a matter of six months was the work of God. But in addition to tithing, she followed three other spiritual laws of prosperity, and today she lives a life of once-unimaginable luxury. In this, her first book, Gaines shares the secrets for acquiring wealth and living abundantly:

Law 1: Tithing and giving
Gaines lays down firm and fast rules for tithing, such as charitable giving doesn't count, giving 9 percent isn't enough, and if you're too broke to tithe, you will probably always be broke.

Law 2: Setting clearcut goals
Gaines advises going on a 21-day fast from anger, gossip, cheating, and hostility. Only then , when you have good intentions in your heart and on your mind, can you specify what it is you truly want -- and figure how you can go about accomplishing and achieving those things.

Law 3: Forgiveness and worthiness
Gaines believes that you must forgive yourself for everything you've ever done and forgive others for all that they may have done to you. Freeing yourself from judging others is a step in learning what you truly want out of life.

Law 4: Finding your divine purpose
Most people can't imagine where they would begin to do such a thing, but Gaines leads you on a step-by-step path to finding your own unique strengths and direction in life.

hardcover | ISBN: 9781594861956 | Publication Date: September 2005

"Edwene Gaines is 'a prosperity pioneer' the likes of which the world has never seen . . . Read, practice, enjoy, and prosper." --Catherine Ponder

"Edwene Gaines blends sacred truths with delightful stories of spiritual principles at work -- a masterpiece filled with love, humor, and practical steps for a life more abundant." --John Randolph Price, best-selling author and chairman of the Quartus Foundation

"Once in a blue moon a book comes along that changes your life forever. Edwene Gaines has written such a book." --John Lee, author of The Flying Boy and Growing Yourself Back Up