She-Rain: A Story of Hope

George Michael Cogdill

Morgan James Publishing,  March 2010

In the early 20th Century, a pair of North Carolina mountain children sow the seed of a love that becomes their only solace in the hard yet beautiful world they know. They grow it from steep ground of poverty, ignorance, and violence. A landscape so brutal it can kill hope long before claiming life.

Bloodshed years later finally sends Frank Locke on the run, deep into wilderness, abandoning his extraordinary love, Mary Lizbeth. When a whitewater river washes this desperate soul into the hands of Sophia, he discovers a luminous woman steeped in mystery, trapped in a tragically brilliant life. Far ahead of her time. Secreted from the world. As she awakens Frank's mind, they rise to meet a love that binds three people for a lifetime.

This love triangle forms a beauty no one sees coming. From the wilds of Appalachia, crossing nearly a century, it runs deep into a lush American fortune, and lives in letters of adoration and hope of the least expected.

In a rhapsody of Southern voices, mingling hilarity and sorrow, She-Rain speaks of lives soaring beyond heartbreak, fundamentalism, and self-destruction. Through the most graceful longing, two women in love with one man ultimately prove the power of human hearts to answer high callings. They show us all how to heal -- and thrive -- to the very end.

paperback | ISBN: 9781600377020 | Publication Date: March 2010

"Beautiful novel! Such gorgeous prose, such singing speech. So Southern in its music and perfect word choice. You write like no other living Southerner. She-Rain is so exquisitely sounded out on the page that I find myself muttering certain passages out loud to myself -- common enough when I read poetry, but rarely prose. Bravo!"
--Actor/Writer/Director, Peter MacNicol