Wander Woman: How High-Achieving Women Find Contentment and Direction

Marcia Reynolds

Berrett-Koehler Publishers,  June 2010

Stop endlessly searching for "something more"

There is a new generation of high-achieving women: confident, ambitious, and driven yet anxious, discontented, and above all, restless. Constantly juggling multiple roles and reevaluating goals, today's "wander women" move from job to job, challenge to challenge, almost on impulse. Drawing on fresh research and extensive interviews, Marcia Reynolds helps you understand the roots of your restlessness and learn how to make your wandering a conscious strategy, not a series of unplanned events. She provides a wealth of exercises and practices so you can better understand the needs that drive your decisions, discover new ways of finding direction, and thoughtfully choose and plan your future -- whether climbing the corporate ladder, finding satisfaction below the glass ceiling, or setting out on your own.

paperback | ISBN: 9781605093512 | Publication Date: June 2010

"The ideas and exercises here represent breakthrough thinking. I plan to give this inspiring and thought-changing book to many women as a gift of guidance on their journey."
--Linda Alepin, Founding Director, Global Women's Leadership Network

"This is a book for highly successful women and their executive coaches. Not only will passionate, driven women better manage their minds, the exercises and coaching questions will help them improve their relationships with those they live and work with."
--Madeleine Blanchard, cofounder, Coaching Services, The Ken Blanchard Companies

"Marcia Reynolds's deeply insightful stories of wander women-as well as her own transformative journey -- will touch the restless wanderer in your own soul and open new paths to love, joy, and contentment."
--Deb Giffen, Director, Wharton Executive Education

"I knew this book would speak to the talented women leaders and entrepreneurs we coach, but I was delighted to find the content also relevant for my own transformation at midlife. Thank you, our dear coach colleague, for this beautiful expression and pathway to freedom."
--Darelyn "DJ" Mitsch, President, The Pyramid Resource Group, and author of The Team Advantage

"High-achieving women are a special breed, and Marcia holds the key to giving you the meaning and satisfaction you are looking for. This book is like a treasure map -- leading to the genius within you that is yet untapped."
--Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Now What? and The Little Book on Meaning

"Exhilarating! Wander Woman makes clear the core of restlessness many women experience -- the will to ask, 'Is this all there is?' -- and then leads them to discover the greatest gifts they have to offer and a source of transformative change."
--Sally Helgesen, author of The Female Advantage and coauthor of The Female Vision

"This is one of the best books I've ever read about women: it really helps to legitimize our journey and turn our restlessness into a strategy. It is also an important read for those who work with women now and in the future."
--Beate Heller, PhD, Group Head -- Executive Development, Swisscom, Berne

"In life's pressures to perform -- to be perfect -- we lose our sense of self. This book helps all women who strive to achieve to get closer to their personal truths. Always hungry, always yearning, this internal journey is the next adventure."
--Betty Scharfman, Vice President, Marketing and Channel Management, WorldatWork

"Marcia Reynolds has been a force in the coaching world for over a decade. In Wander Woman, she offers her wit and wisdom to smart, driven women. The book is full of powerful coaching questions and exercises that help women to define their paths, channel their energy, and enjoy the ride along the way."
--Sandy Vilas, CEO, Coach U, Inc.

"For us who have attained 'success' but still yearn for a greater sense of contribution and purpose, this is the book. Using her well-honed coaching skills, Marcia cuts through the standard self-help jargon and lays out a process for moving from success to significance."
--Eileen McDargh, President, McDargh Communications, and author of Gifts from the Mountain

"Based on extensive, original research, Wander Woman provides sage advice on how to rise to the highest levels of success while maintaining one's core spiritual and emotional center. This is a must-have guide for a new generation of high-performing women."
--Jeffrey E. Auerbach, PhD, President, College of Executive Coaching

"Marcia Reynolds speaks to the heart and soul of every woman who is looking for purpose in her life. Through the pages of this book you will come to know her as a friend and mentor, there to guide you to the path that is right for only you."
--Suzanne Bates, author of Motivate Like a CEO

"Marcia Reynolds offers tremendous insights and a great approach for high-achieving women to define success in their own terms, chart their course, and achieve their fullest potential. From her own personal experiences and the real-life lessons of others, Marcia delivers that 'something more' that so many women have been looking for."
--Debra Boelkes, founder and CEO, Business Women Rising

"Marcia has her finger on the pulse of the modern-day high-achieving career woman, clearly identifying the restlessness and eternal search for recognition that so many women repeat endlessly throughout their careers. Her insights into how to engage and retain high-achieving women should be read by CEOs around the world."
--Kate O'Reilly, Director, Optimiss, Sydney, Australia

"Reynolds provides a compelling narrative about the underlying restlessness that afflicts many high-performing women. Grounded in her remarkable personal story, substantive research, and perspective gleaned from decades of corporate experience, the book will be meaningful to women (and men!) engaged in personal transformation."
--Doug Silsbee, author of The Mindful Coach and Presence-Based Coaching