Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal

Robbie Bach

Brown Publishing,  September 2015

From Microsoft's former Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach, comes a unique book that provides a simple yet robust framework that can be used to tackle almost any problem. Bach takes business, non-profit, and community-engaged readers on the Xbox journey -- a triumphant and personal saga from garage-shop beginnings to business success. Using the 3P Framework of Purpose, Principles, and Priorities developed by the Xbox team, Bach describes the process used to revitalize a beleaguered business and then applies those lessons to our most difficult community issues and the challenges of nation at a crossroads.

After 22 years at Microsoft, Bach is turning his strategic and leadership skills to a new opportunity: helping individuals and organizations drive transformational change in business and civic institutions. The book is packed with common sense thinking and a strategic framework that can set change in motion at every level of community life. Xbox Revisited is a wake-up call, a challenge to every citizen to become a “civic engineer” addressing the issues we face in our communities and across our country.

"You have to build the foundation before you put up the house. True in business, true in civics, true in life.” Robbie Bach

Hardcover | ISBN: 9781612548487 | Publication Date: September 2015


"In Xbox Revisited, Robbie Bach presents a highly effective, common-sense strategy to address the difficult business and community issues. And in the process, he challenges all of us to step up to the plate and participate in renewing our civic and political institutions. Seen through the lens of the creation of the Xbox, the story he tells from personal experience is both engaging and inspirational."
-- Jeff Raikes, Co-founder, Raikes Foundation, former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and president, Microsoft Business Division

"Robbie Bach is an outstanding leader in every aspect of the world. His depth of knowledge in building high-performing teams and aligning groups to mission and goals is exceptional. Breaking down complex issues into manageable actions that a team can execute is his trademark. Robbie's 'game changing mindset drives individuals to think and act differently while building better solutions and performance."
-- James L. Clark, President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

"Robbie is a values-based leader who consistently sharpens our focus on the mission and our principles. He is able to frame complex questions in simple ways that streamline our decision making. The US Olympic Movement is stronger today because of him."
-- Scott Blackmun, CEO, United States Olympic Committee